Best 24/7 Live Streams to Watch!

Sometimes you're at home, wondering whatever else is going on in the world. Maybe you;re thinking about the next time you;re going to the zoo, you’re thinking about what’s going on up in space, or dotted around London. As humans, our minds wander and we get curious about what is going on anywhere else other than where we are right now. So you can go on Google Maps and look at popular places, or your old houses or instead we have some interesting ideas for you. There are thousands upon thousands of 24 hour live streams that are streaming almost anything. So here’s a few we would absolutely recommend. 

Starting off with your favourite animals. There are zoos, and aquariums all over the world that are streaming their enclosures for all your favourites. Starting off with the ‘Aquarium of the Pacific’ and the ‘Vancouver Aquarium’ they have several live cams that let you watch their cutest and not so cute creatures live their everyday lives. So if you’re wanting sharks, or penguins, we’ve got you covered. Over at they offer dozens of different animal viewing cams where you can see many different animals but a personal favourite is the cutest of puppies being trained to become very important service dogs. Some of these streams you can even press a button to feed the animals. Such as ‘Critter Yard’, you’ll get to feed the chickens every twenty minutes. So hopefully you're all clued up about how to see your favourite animals whenever you want to. 

Moving onto Abbey Road, as you know Abbey Road is the very famous road in London that The Beatles walked across to get their famous album cover. Now as it is a very popular tourist spot for those to recreate the image. There is now a live cam showing the crosswalk 24/7 to catch all of the best recreations and seeing people getting in the way as often as possible of those trying to go about their day, it’s very funny to watch. 

Moving onto something a lot more dangerous, but not for you as you’re at home in your room looking at the best 24/7 live webcams. Here’s an active volcano for you. This is the Costa Rico Valcano Cam. You can watch one of the youngest and active volcanoes in Costa
Rica. It has been a bit quiet the past few years but sometimes you get to see bursts of water vapour to keep you on your toes. 

Heading very far away from Earth, head on over to the International Space Station. Node 2 of the ISS gives you a particularly soothing, calming view of Space as the ISS travels through it. The website shows you where in space the ISS is as well, at this moment there are over 1000 people watching so you can all enjoy it together. 

Now finally for a little bit of a weird one, in this one you can control a stream of bubbles in the back of some strangers' back garden. In this couple’s back garden it shows you a still shot, with a button that says ‘Bubbles’ if you press that then you get a live stream of bubbles floating across their garden. Yeah, we said it was weird. 

So we hope you’ve got some interesting places to go and view live streams of now. The ones we mentioned don’t even cover 10% of all the ones out there that exist. There’s ones just as weird and interesting as the ones we’ve mentioned too. Enjoy it, and let us know if you have found any that you love a lot.


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