The Best Way to Spring Clean your Wardrobe!

Now this is a time a lot of us may be dreading, but some of us can really enjoy it. Here's hoping you’re the latter. Your wardrobe is completely full, overflowing with clothes that you haven’t worn in years. The clothes you do wear cycle through your washing machine and are back on you before back in the wardrobe anyway. When you decide to finally wear something else you have to pull everything out to find one top you remember, and it doesn’t even fit properly anymore. A full messy wardrobe can cause a huge waste of time daily, and we want to help you with that best we can. We have some tips and advice on how to declutter and organize your entire wardrobe to get the best outfits and make use of the rest.   

Firstly, you want to pull out your entire wardrobe, yes, everything. Your wardrobe, any drawers, boxes, anything. Bring it all out and put it into a big pile on the floor. If you’re used to just shoving stuff into your wardrobe you might already start seeing stuff that fell down the back 8 months ago. You’re going to want to take out all the hangers, boxes too. Make everything completely clear. 

Next, this is an extra step, but it’s a good one. You have not touched the backs of those closets for a long time. Take the time now to give everything a deep clean, wipe it all down, and get rid of anything not necessary. Once you've sorted your wardrobe you’ll want to know it’s going back into a nice clean wardrobe.
Now your new space is clean, look at your massive pile on the floor. Split it all up into separate piles. Tops, trousers, dresses, shorts. Then the same with any accessories and shoes. We’re going to tackle the clothes first though. You’re going to want to make three separate piles on the other side of the room now. A Keep pile, for everything you really love. A throw away pile for anything that you absolutely cannot donate. Say it has rips or a paint or coffee stain that you can;t wash out. Then finally a donate pile, this is for everything that you can donate to charity that cul;d become the next person's treasure.

Once you’ve done this start going through each individual pile. Try on every single item of clothing, and yes this is a long task and may get exhausting but it is worth it. You may not have worn something in three months, be adamant you want it. That’s when you try it on and realise it doesn’t actually look how you remember it did. So that’s why you should try it all on. Everything you absolutely love on you, put it in the keep pile, now if you want to keep all shirts, trousers, dresses in separate keep piles to later organise more you can, but for now one keep pile will be good. If you’re really unsure, because it looks okay now, but with the right accessory it will be perfect then you can make an extra maybe pile that you can go through later once you’ve done everything else. Now if it has any rips or stains that you can;t fix, put it in the throw away pile. If it just dosn;t suit you anymore then the donation pile is best for it. Someone else can use it to their benefit and charity shops will take clothes most of the time. 

Now hopefully this didn’t take too long, but even if it did, I bet it feels good to see just that keep, throw, and donate pile all stacked up. Now looking over that maybe pile again. Ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the last three months, and when you wore it out before how did it make you feel. Try not to hold onto things that you wore once, and think you can maybe wear it again at the right time. This is how hoarding starts, and we want Marie Kondo your life. 

Now you've gone through everything. You can get a couple bin bags and pack up your trash pike, move that out of the room and out of the way for now. To look over your donation pile, yes it’s very kind and caring to donate but if you’re truly strapped for cash, then have a look through it, are there any nice brands, or pieces that you think you could sell to make some money? There are so many apps out there like Depop, Ebay and more where you can put your clothes up for sale, and make some extra money. So many people on these apps are doing the exact same thing as you, so you may even find something that matches what’s in your closet. But let’s not get into buying a whole new wardrobe again just yet. If you don’t need the money right now, then go through everything and put it through the washing machine, and fold it up nice into some bags before taking it to the charity shop. It’s very easy to just take it to the charity shop as is, but you make it a lot easier for the shops selling your clothes if you just clean them up nice for them. 

Now before you put all of your Yes pile in your wardrobe, think about how you;re going to tackle it this time so it doesn’t just end up  looking the exact same way it did a few hours ago. See if you can get some hanging organizers, some double hangers, and a couple drawer organisers too. They don’t cost a lot, and in most cases you can make them yourself with a couple boxes and some scissors. 

Now you’ve put all of your clothes back it's now time to do all of your accessories, shoes, socks, and more. Go through the above steps and repeat them for these items. Try to avoid donating underwear to charity shops, that’s best for the trash pile. Now you;ve done all of that you can think about some storage options for these. You can get over the door shoe storage, or you can get foldable boxes from IKEA.

If you;ve been smart enough to organise your space by season then you know you can put all of your winter stuff to the back of the closet for now, and bring it back round later in the year. You want to avoid having to pull your summer stuff from the back every single day.  

Look at that, you did it. You have a completely organised wardrobe, a couple bags to throw away, and a couple bags to donate too. Now you can find your favourite outfits easily, and also piece together some new things that mean you’re always looking like you;re buying new outfits. We hope this blog helped you with some organising!


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