Out of the Ordinary Valentine's Day Ideas!

We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay, because if you haven’t made plans already there is still a lot of time to get those plans set in stone. No disappointing your partner by trying to get them in that fancy restaurant that’s been booked up for three months and leaving in embarrassment. We have some ideas for you that are out of the ordinary and still have tickets left! Whilst London is completely smothered by lovey dovey cards, and chocolates, you can take your partner to the more interesting nights out and save the chocolate and flowers for after if you feel like it. Whether you’re loved up or not you can enjoy these dates out. Just take a friend instead, you can still have fun! 

Firstly, you can head down to the Natural History Museum, not a usual spot, but that’s all in the fun of it. They’re turning the charm all the way up with their adults-only event, talks, and activities! One of their events being all about courtship, and copulation in the animal world and we promise it’s more exciting than just that. You can discover the science behind aphrodisiacs, or pick up a salsa class. If that’s not your thing you can get creative and do some valentine’s screen printing! They’re also showcasing an entire LGBTQ+ Natural History trail, so you can find out everything about what got us all this far. Any of these events also get you into their Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition too! These may not all scream couple vibes but, as long as you’re with someone you enjoy the company of, you can have fun! 

Next, we’re talking about Valentine's Day Domes. Another thing that may throw you off a bit, however these are extra cute and coupley. You can head over to Kensington and enjoy a very romantic three course meal inside the privacy of your own dome, no having to shout above the rest of the crammed restaurant to talk about your day. You can feast on all the classic aphrodisiacs you learnt about whilst at the natural history museum too. 

Now for those of you that really love that essence of creepiness, you can go to this event called Valentine’s Night: Unlucky, the location is top secret, so you’ll have to buy a ticket to find out. You expect to hear some scary stories, all whilst in the dark and lit by just that perfectly cliche candle light. 

Finally, we have a Valentine’s evening with the stars. There’s two dates available so if you;re celebrating early you can still go tomorrow too. Over at the Royal Observatory Greenwich you can watch a romantically-themed planetarium show. Under the stars of course, so luckily they've got a hot drink too to keep you warm. You can talk to all the professional astronomers too. Get a chance to stand on the Meridian Line, and even look through their Victorian telescope to get a go at some serious stargazing. 

Hopefully that’s enough unusual yet fun and every so slightly romantic things to do for Valentine’s day, with whomever you want to spend it with! 


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