Easy Last Minute Valentine's Plans!

Valentine’s Day is here, and it’s almost over, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for bad plans, you can still do so much, and barely even have to leave the house. Valentine's Day can be super expensive, and quite stressful especially when you get down to the wire, however these are super simple fun things to do, with whomever you decide to spend your Valentine’s Day with. Plus, you won’t have to take out another loan from the bank to cover the costs! If these fail, just quickly run down to Tesco and get the leftover flowers and chocolate!

Firstly, you can have a cute indoor picnic. Picnics can always fall flat outside especially considering the fact that it’s February and London weather just doesn’t hold up no matter the time of year. So you can find a cute spot to lay down a blanket, you can just do it on your bed, no judgement! You can fill it out with comfy pillows if you’re trying to get extra cosy. Then you can get all of your favourite snacks, make finger sandwiches, and cute desserts too, and put them in one of those classic wicker baskets, ( I’m sure a plate will do too though) and you can put on some music and have a sweet evening. If you're really craving that outdoors effect you can play some bird sounds too. Best thing about it being indoors is that there are no bugs either.

Next, if you’re a fan of making your own homemade gifts, then you can get together early, buy all the ingredients for your favourite desserts and treats and spend the evening making all of your favourites to enjoy when you finally finish doing all the washing up. You can always get your Valentine’s treats from the nearest bakery, but this adds an extra special touch to it. Also it really doesn’t matter if they don;t look great, I’m sure you’ll have fun making them. One extra sweet thing you can do is get some strawberries and skewers and make a strawberry bouquet, add some chocolate and sugar to decorate them as well. 

Finally, you can have a fun Games Night. A very relaxed evening with a game night may just get a little heated over Monopoly and who has to go to Jail. If Monopoly isn’t your style there's so many other games out there for you to enjoy, and if you have a console you can download tons of free multiplayer games. But to keep it to a true game night there’s also some cute Valentine’s themed games to play too. Such as Pin the arrow on the heart, and scavenger hunts which involve riddles to the prizes all over the place, that can be sweets, or massages, whatever you want to offer up! 

Hopefully there’s some fun options in there for you, and if it’s still not right, try a movie marathon with some pizza. Simple, easy. You can’t say we didn’t help you! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy whatever you do with whomever you spend it with!


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