There's still lots more fun to have in January!

We are already well into January, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still lots more incredible events going on that you need to make time for! We’ve got light installations, culture, and art all to fill up the chilly nights of January for you. So what are you waiting for? and don't worry we're going to be talking about Chinese New Year next week!

Starting off with a festival that only started yesterday, and will be on up until the 25th, we have the beautiful Winter Lights Festival. For the past six years Canary Wharf has held a festival of intricate, inventive, light installations. Between all the skyscrapers you can wander to find all 26 of the art installations, or you can download their map to make it a  bit easier. There are some familiar ones from last year, and some new ones too. Best part about it, is that it’s entirely free to attend. 

Now to celebrate London’s all new Borough of Culture for the year. The first year was Waltham Forest, now we’ve moved over to Brent. Starting on the 18th and going all the way through to December you’ll have lots of exciting events to celebrate the history and culture of Brent. Including dance, theatre, and projections. Starting with the major launch event, RISe will be doing an outdoor spectacle telling the story of Brent. Other events include a street party in Kilburn High Road, a whole weekend of reggae, and lots more!

So Winter Lights isn’t the only festival of lights this month. Lightopia will be opening up at chiswick House and Gardens from the 22nd of January up until the 1st of March. With a whole evening of highly grammable scenes, you can go on a mile long trail filled with a massive 45 light installations. There’s animals, boats, castles, and interactive installations for you to join in with too. 

Finally we’re finishing up January with the London Art Fair. Starting the 22nd, up until the 26th, you can find all the best in modern and contemporary art from over 130 galleries. You may have wandered galleries and hoped to take something home and here’s your chance, don’t expect it to be cheap though, you’ve always got a chance! If you don’t plan on spending your life savings then you can also join on to the impressive programme of tours and talks throughout!

Hopefully there’s more than enough for you there to enjoy the rest of January. There is a few benefits to it getting dark at 4pm right!


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