Great Ways To Save And Spend In January!

January is here, and we’ve spent all of our money over Christmas on copious amounts of food and drink. So this is the perfect time to try out all the free trials, discounts, and offers that companies have on right now! Companies are always keen to show you how great their services are and will give you a free trial before you commit to buying or simply forget to cancel your subscription. Speaking from personal experience, its very easy to forget until you see you can’t pay for your Tesco meal deal because you;re £20 over for a subscription to different types of so called healthy snacks.
So here’s just a few of our favourite places to get free things and discounts! 

Starting off with Graze, it’s a company that hand pick out healthy snack boxes for your breakfast, lunch at work, or just a tasty snack in the evening. Each box has four snacks in it with hundreds of options to choose from. You can get one free box, just by going to their site and signing up. You can pick all the things you want and don’t want in your box too! Make sure once the box has arrived to you you cancel your subscription, unless you want to keep it. Which I genuinely did, first by accidentally not cancelling then just actually enjoying it. Which was okay because then I got my 5th box for free too! 

Moving over to something a lot less edible. We have FreePrints, it’s an app you can download on the App Store or Google Play store, and you can get 45 free prints a month, Which equals out to 500 every year. All you have to do is pay shipping which can work out to only £2. If you're like me and enjoy looking through pictures with friends and family then printing them for your wall is a great way to go without having to pay the hefty price for them. You can upload photos straight from your phone or across nearly all social media platforms. 

Next is a great way to recycle and get some benefits out of it too. If you’ve got random clothes to get rid of then you can put them all in a bag and head down to a H&M. The H&M Garment Collecting programme is an initiative to prevent customers’ unwanted clothes from going to landfill. So here’s the benefit to you, for every single bag you give them you can collect a £5 voucher to use in store or online. The clothes don’t have to be from H&M, they can be of any brand and any condition too. So it doesn't matter if it’s your old painting clothes from five years back you can still get that £5 voucher!

Finally, going for discounts here on all the great food that we still love to spend our money on. Tastecard are offering a three month trial of their offers and discounts for just £1! You can get two meals for one or 50% off your food at over 6,000 restaurants across the UK. With all the classics like Pizza Express, Zizzi, Prezzo and a dozen more. They also have independent restaurants to so it’s a great way to find new foods and places to take your family and friends! All you have to do is find where you want to go, book the table, then them your Tastecard or the app on your phone! Another great part of Tastecard is that they also offer discounts on cinemas and days out too!

Hopefully there’s some options on there for you to enjoy some free things, vouchers, and money off!


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