How to make Christmas Shopping a little easier in the last few days before Christmas!

Christmas is only five days away now, and that means those that haven;’t finished their shopping are dealing with pushy crowds, and the stress of finding something that isn’t as basic as some socks. We can always try to convince ourselves that Christmas shopping is going to be better this year, but it never is. There’s too many people in the exact same situation who think they deserve the last toy on the shelf more than you do. Along with that you probably will lose every piece of your sanity and still haven’t even started wrapping your gifts yet. So we have some tips to make these last few days before Christmas as simple as possible so you can make all your friends and family happy. 

Something you may think is so obvious but a lot of people just brush over this. A list. Make a list of everyone, with a budget, and some ideas too. It will help you budget exactly what you;re spending. Plus when you get those ideas together and you need to head down to the shopping centres, you can head to the exact stores and just get in and out. You don;t want to be spending hours wandering around wondering who you still have to buy for, and how far you've gone into your savings to cover Christmas this year. There’s lots of apps you can use to help with lists and  budgeting so you don;t even need a classic pen and paper anymore. 

Okay, so after the list, and before you rush down to the stores that have thousands of people losing their heads. Consider ordering as much as possible online, as long as you can get that next day delivery. This can be too risky if you leave it too late. One thing you can consider is doing an Amazon Prime Free Trial for the month, and you can get that sweet next day delivery in time for Christmas, and you haven’t even got to leave your PJ’s. Another great benefit of online shopping is being able to compare prices, and if you download Honey you can have it automatically scan for promo codes so you can get those discounts too. 

If you're really strapped for time, another option is to simply buy gift cards. You can buy them for shopping centres, Amazon, and almost every other place on Earth. It’s great if you want them to dedicate that money to themselves and getting a nice gift with absolutely no hard work from yourself. You can get a Starbucks card with a nice mug, or a small notebook with a gift card for a grocery or craft store. There’s lots of ways to add a little extra touch to a gift card. But at the end of the day, who wasn't happy with a gift card? 

Finally, food never fails. The saying goes that the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach, right? So as long as you know what they like, then there is no harm in a nice food hamper, some chocolates, cheese, and crackers.. The list is literally endless. If you know they like a specific cuisine you can get them the ingredients for some dishes and a recipe book to match too. 

Now even though you probably did have to head out into the endless crowds, hopefully we made it a little easier on you, and just a bit quicker too.


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