London is one of the European capitals that has a proliferation of street art. This is evidenced by the many amazing  works and installations that you can see whilst walking the streets of the capital city. London is home to some fantastic examples of both public and street art – and it's all free to enjoy! Make London your own personal art gallery.

You'll discover historical statues, contemporary sculpture, murals, installations and more.
Urban art is constantly changing,  things disappear and at the same time new works emerge.  It’s difficult to talk in detail at any one time about current street art as it is an ever changing picture.
Many of the photographs here are taken in East London, however the art works can be found scattered throughout the city. Although many can be seen in the East End of London where there is a large concentration. Here is a list of the most famous artists.

The streets of London have been a canvas for guerrilla artist Banksy's work for more than 10 years. Cropping up on walls around the city, he stencils pictures of people and animals engaged in unexpected behaviour. Some of the art makes a hard- hitting political point, while other works are extremely funny; often they are both. You'll find a map of the locations for some of Banksy's works here .

Stik one of the most famous artist for his simple, minimalist  and colour  drawings, but he can express so much thing about the vulnerability of  people.

Stik paints stick figure-like people as street art. He has worked in the north east London area of Hackney, and especially in Shoreditch. He has exhibited at the Central Saint Martins Graffiti Dialogues,  and has been funded to run graffiti workshops. He works with organizations including Amnesty International, British Waterways, the Mutoid Waste Company, Queeruption, and Reclaim the Streets. He paints unauthorised art as well as pieces that are authorised.
In 2011, Stik had a solo show at Imitate Modern Gallery in the London's West End.
The obsession of Eine is typography and colours, so if you are lost in London’s streets and you come across some big letters with a lot of colour then you have found one of his works. The most famous wall is in Middlesex Street but the one of the thing that really promoted Eine was when David Cameron gifted one of his pictures to Obama.

C:\Users\Marketing 1\Desktop\postapps\Ron-y-Roa-Londres-e1396808343431.jpgMartin Ron
He is from Argentina and creates lifelike figures but with a surrealistic air. You can see in Hanbury Street his figure of a real boy who has taken off his jacket to capoeira (dance).

Otto Schade
Chilean but based in London, Otto Schade also has a unique style and his compositions tend to have a metaphorical albeit with a certain ironic touch meaning. He has become famous for his works of human figures, made of twisting ribbons weaving through the artwork, in a tangled way that gives a wall mural a surreal air.

There are so many more artists for example: Roa who paints big animals in basic colours, Miss Van (who paints cabaret women),  Borondo (who produces scraping paint portraits) Jimmyc (use points to make scrapings),  Invader ( who creates figures with coloured tiles copying games of the 70s and 80s)

Londoners or anyone else,  who wants to make their mark, can do so in what has become one of the capitals of urban art on the planet.

Discover the best street art London has to offer in the heart of Shoreditch, gateway to London’s East End.  Shoreditch is home to a vibrant and colourful culture of street art, murals, cafes, bars, galleries, restaurants, fashion and markets.   Street artists from London’s east end and the UK as well as international artists from all over Europe and the rest of the World leave an ever changing kaleidoscope of energy and creativity on the walls of Shoreditch.


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